Electric nail file


Enjoy the relaxing task of doing your nails yourself at home.  Save a lot of money. You don’t have to pay a professional to do it.

 This intelligent device shapes, polishes, buffs, and even removes gel from your nail plate with its powerful function, just like you’re getting professional nails at the salon! 

electric nail file

This awesome electric drill operates smoothly and quietly, with a silent built-in motor, so no matter if it’s day or night you can paint all your gel nail designs to your heart’s desire.

Our drill machine is equipped with 35,000 RPM that shapes and prepares nails for your gel manicure, which is user-friendly and won’t cause discomfort. 

With multiple adjustment settings, easily control the e-file with a pedal and change the rotation with a smart switch to precisely shape your nails however you like. Simply connect the e-file to the power supply and paint nails like a pro! 


What’s In The Box? 

  • Black Nail Drill Maniche 35W (Handle Size: 4.8cm)
  • Power Supply with Speed Controller
  • Speed Control Pedal
  • Spare Parts

How To Use The E-File:

​The e-file is a professional device to prepare your nail plate, cuticles and also to remove hybrid or gel manicures. Here’s our guide on how to use the e-file safely and correctly:  

1. Connect the power supply cable to the e-file. If you want to use the foot pedal, connect it to the e-file using the cable provided.

2. Next, connect the handle to the e-file. Insert the selected drill bit into the slot of the handpiece and turn the center of the handle to secure it, stabilize and hold the handle at the desired height.

3. Connect the nail drill to the power supply. Press the ON / OFF button and use the knob to select the appropriate speed of rotation (if the foot option is not connected). To change the direction of rotation of the e-file, switch the FWD / REV button.

4. Now the e-file is ready for use! Remember that the drill bit should not be held perpendicular to the nail when performing the treatment to ensure your safety as you craft your gel nails at home.