Pet Dog Self Cooling Sleeping Mat


Dog Self Cooling Mat is made of high-quality self-cooling fabric, soft, refreshing, comfortable, and reusable. It is cool when you touch the surface. The ice silk cushion can absorb your pet's body temperature and keep it cool at all times, allowing your pet to spend a good summer.
 Cooling Sleeping Mat

The Pet Dog Sleeping Mat will keep your pet cool and comfortable with Highly Durable Solid Gel Construction that absorbs body heat and delivers relief for pets from heat or joint pain. Lightweight, thin and breathable. Easy to clean and easy to use. Easy to place and save space. Can be folded up when not in use. 
 Cooling Sleeping Mat

You can put a Pet Dog Mat in the kennel, sofa, pet bed, car seat, and outside shade. Keep your pet away from the heat quickly. it's an ideal bedding accessory for traveling, hiking, camping, picnics, and other outdoor activities. It's a great gift for pet lovers.
 Cooling Sleeping Mat

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Breathable and portable
  • It's a great gift for pet lovers.
  • Easy to clean and easy to use. 
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Can be folded up when not in use. 
  • Made of high-quality self-cooling fabric,


  • Name: Pet Cool Mats
  • Color: Blue
  • Weight:970g(for largest size)
  • Size: S:48*38*2cm
  • M:70*50*2cm, L:100*70*2cm, XL:120*73*2cm