Rattan Wicker Elevated Cat House

£123.00 £174.00

Our Rattan Wicker Cat House allows your pet to relax and decompress. This woven rattan cat house will be an odorless and ventilated home for your furry friend. Give your kitty a comfortable bed with a soft cushion inside. Felines are comfortable and relaxed in this rattan cat basket bed.


This Elevated Cat House keeps your pet from being hurt, thanks to the metal tripod that keeps the rattan condo from toppling. Thanks to the elevated woven rattan material, it also keeps the temperature regulated for your furry friend.


This Contemporary Cat Bed lounger provides a comfortable haven for rest. Stimulate your cat's natural instincts in a fun way with this raised rattan wicker cat house. A soft linen and cotton cushion is included for extra comfort.



  • A modern and beautiful design
  • hand woven from rattan wicker for wearability
  • Three tripod legs, made from metal, keep the basket balanced and stable
  • Polyester and cotton blend cushion, which is soft and comfortable
  • Large entrance so they can enter and leave easily