Swing Egg Chair


Contemporary Hanging Egg chair, combining comfort with modern design. Durable beige cushion made from UK Fire Retardant fabric. Feel secure in the Cocoon-Style Egg Chair structure and be suspended in luxury, in your own personal oasis.

Swing Egg Chair.jpg

Our Swing Egg Chair is a long-lasting woven finish, this style is not only incredibly durable but also provides a versatile appearance. The handcrafted details of this material allow this piece to blend seamlessly with your Outdoor Decor.

Swing Egg Chair.jpg

This Egg Chair Featuring is a lovely teardrop shape, this chair encapsulates you in its cozy structure, giving you maximum comfort to lounge about. This comes with an 8-foot suspension chain for hanging purposes. This Basket Chair should be installed no more than 20-inches above the ground with a minimum of 4 to 5 feet away from the walls. 

Swing Egg Chair.jpg

Key Features: 

  • Contemporary Hanging Egg chair.
  • Combining comfort with modern design.
  • Durable beige cushion.
  • Made from UK Fire Retardant fabric.
  • Long-lasting woven finish.
  • Lovely teardrop shape