Grass trimmer cordless



Telescopic lever button design: the length of 1-30cm can be adjusted, to its own, ease and degree.
Head Angle can be adjusted 180 degrees and can be used under the tree, corner, flower bed, etc.

grass trimmer


Control handles: control one key switch.
The Average head: convenient and easy to clean.
Sharp blades: powerful and fast to cut grass.
Small and convenient, go with the belt, not bound by the line, and the lawn cutting area is not restricted.


Color: Black
Material: ABS+Metal
Voltage: 24V
Power: 650W
Function: lawn mowing in the home garden
1. Lithium battery, power supply, wireless use.
2. Telescopically adjustable length, up to 120cm.
Charging time: 30 minutes
No-load speed: 18000 rpm/min
No-load time: about 2 hours
Usage: Please refer to the instruction manual for details
Note: This machine is suitable for family use, only suitable for the grass in the garden lawn. If the grass is caught in the blade after use, please remove it in time to prolong the service life of the machine.
Product size: 86*13*13cm


1X Lawnmower
1X Vice handle
1XSocket wrench
1X6 Inch round blade
2XStraight stainless steel blade

5XPlastic blade