Electric Portable Heating Vibrating Back Massager Chair


Electric Back Massager Chair comes with a remote control, infrared heating, nine massage motors, and targeted kneading and vibrating. The multiple functions give control for vibration intensity, body target selection, infrared heat, so you get the perfect session almost every time.
back massage

Back Massager Chair may relieve discomfort and reduces pain, relieve fatigue, relax the body and mind quickly. To promote smooth body meridians, enhance immune cell activity, and enhance brain self-regulation. It Can accelerate blood circulation, increase cellular oxygen supply, improving anemia, etc.
lower back massager

The Electric Chair Cushion Massager has nine massage heads that give targeted relief for the neck, shoulder, back, waist, buttocks, and legs. The intelligent design ensures that it takes up very little space, making it the perfect companion for home, car, or work.

Key Features:

  • Easy to carry
  • External power adapter
  • LED Remote Control
  • It has an elegant appearance
  • Relives muscle tightness and tension
  • Can be used on the sofa, chair, bed, car, etc.
  • Kneading, Vibe rating, Far-Infrared Heating, nine Message Motors.