Electrical Ceiling Patio Heater


The Electrical Ceiling Patio Heater is powered by the electricity mains, so it is enough for a few seconds and the heater's reflector starts to generate after it is turned on. Unlike other gas or kerosene heaters, Ceiling Heaters are electrical devices that are installed like a chandelier.


The Patio Heater has been certified with IP24 and can be installed on indoor and outdoor ceilings, such as living room, garden, balcony, outdoor terrace, and camping BBQ. It can also be used at home: in the living room or bedroom. You don't need to stand, walk away and Interrupt the Conversation with your loved ones.


The Electric Patio Heater has a remote control that makes it easy for you to control this ceiling heater. The patio heater operates silently. Its beautiful design, the Electric Ceiling heater creates only a natural atmosphere for outdoor or indoor spending time.


Key Features: 

  • Perfect for home, backyard, garage, etc.
  • Creates a comfortable environment.
  • Special design to fit the Ceiling.
  • certified with IP24.
  • Remote control to operate.
  • High-level Mirror aluminium reflector.