Torsion Torque Multiplier Wrench Lug


Torsion Torque Multiplier Nut Remover is suitable for Jeep Wrangler car roof storage net Yj Tj Jk Jku Jl Jul 1987-2019 Multifunctional Mesh cargo net USD 16.95/piece valve grinder,


This Labor-Saving Wrench is very suitable for wheel wrenches of small vehicles. It is designed for automobile wheel wrenches and can easily loosen truck tires. A lug nut or car tire uses less energy to obtain sufficient Output Torque without being impacted or requiring a compressor.


When Conventional Wrenches cannot complete work on certain anti-collision nuts, you really need to increase the torque! The purpose is to provide extra leverage on loosening screws that do not use conventional tools, which cannot provide you with the Energy Required to loosen them.


Key Features: 

  • Torsion torque multiplier nut remover.
  • Suitable for wheel wrenches of small vehicles.
  • Labor-saving wrench.
  • Designed for automobile wheel wrenches.
  • Can easily loosen truck tires
  • The wrench provides extra leverage on loosening screws.
  • Energy-saving Torsion torque multiplier nut remover