Bike Chain Lock

€60,95 €103,95

The heavy-duty Bike Chain Lock cross-sections are square, with a larger cross-section area and greater shear strength than regular round and hexagonal cross-sections. Therefore, This Bike Chain Lock cannot be easily cut by wire cutters or any other hand tool.


The steel Motorcycle Lock is widely used in motorcycles, electric cars, bicycles, automobiles, tricycles, doors, grilles, and ladders. Security chain and lock kits usually are used as a bike lock, motorcycle lock, combination lock, cable lock, and Chain Lock.


A heavy-duty Bike Chain Lock is made of high-strength Hadfield steel material, which effectively withstands adverse working conditions. The Bike Chain Lock surface is galvanized to harden the surface, which has rust and wear resistance advantages.

Key Features: 

  • Heavy-duty Bike Chain Lock.
  • With a larger cross-section area.
  • Cannot be easily cut by wire cutters.
  • Widely used in motorcycles, bicycles, tricycles, doors, etc.
  • Made of high-strength Hadfield steel material.
  • The surface is galvanized to harden the surface.