Shoe Rack Storage 20 Cube Organizer

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 Assemble the shelf in steps and place it under your stairs in the hallway to store shoes and bags. Place the shelving unit upright in your bedroom and use it as a wardrobe. Divide the 20 cubes and place 5 small shelves in rooms with limited space. For example, place a 6-cube shelf in your bathroom to keep all your hygiene items tidy.

Shoe Rack

Use the shelving system to build a spacious playpen for hamsters, guinea pigs, bunnies, and more. Uses Great storage space to store clothes, bags, accessories, shoes, and many other things you want! Also, you can move it around the room very easily and change the shape and configuration to your liking.

Shoe Rack


The cube organizer is made of PP plastic (sheets) and ABS plastic (connectors), that is to say, premium materials.

1. Large storage capacity can hold odds and ends such as personal belongings and toys.

2. The organizer is assembled according to personal preferences and a specially designed space is for hanging clothes.

3. Easy to assemble and its stability is guaranteed thanks to premium connectors.

4. It has various advantages, malleable, waterproof, dust-resistant, anti-bacteria, eco-friendly, easy to clean.

a.Dimensions: 61"*36.6"*12"(connectors counted)b.Item Weight: 23.3 lbsc.Material: PP plastic (sheet) ABS plastic (connector)d.Color: Blacke.Item includes: 20 cubes
Shipping list:69 x Transparent Pane

52 x Black Connector

14 x Connector Legs

1 x Instructions

1 x Wooden Hammer