Fetal Doppler Baby Ultrasonic Detector


The Baby fetal doppler Ultrasonic Detector is a highly sensitive probe, more accurate detection of the fetal heart.4.5cm*2.5cm LCD screen, the reading is more precise and more convenient. High-fidelity speaker, adjustable volume, adopts digital noise reduction technology, has no effect on the fetus, and the sound output is more precise. The large LCD screen makes the reading clearer, more convenient, and worry-free.


No battery inside, powered by 2 AA batteries, easy to use. Ultrasonic Fetal Doppler using the fetal heart rate tester, you can better understand the growth and current status of the fetus and always pay attention to the baby's health. Automatic shutdown in 2 minutes, intelligent energy caused saving.


Key Features:

  • Using the fetal heart rate tester.
  • Automatic shutdown in 2 minutes,
  • High sensitivity probe
  • Saves intelligent energy.
  • No effect on the fetus and clears the sound output.
  •  Easy to use the digital display at home.
  • You can focus on the growth of the fetus and the baby's health.


  • 1 x Prenatal Heart Rate Monitor
  • Ultrasonic Output Intensity: <10mW.
  • Comprehensive Sensitivity: ≤90dB.
  • Working Frequency: 2.125-2.875MHz. 
  • Atmospheric Pressure: 86-106kPa.