Green Metal Vegetable Flower Garden Planter

€155,95 €199,95

This Metal Garden Bed features pre-drilled holes for quick and easy assembly. Get a more productive and convenient garden with this 2 Green Metal Vegetable Flower Garden Planter Bed, which holds much soil, enough for all of your vegetables, flowers, and any other plants you choose.


Our Raised Bed is painted in a pleasant green color and is made from steel which is strong as well as lightweight. If 30 cm is too high, the bed can be easily dug into the ground to reduce the height. This Plants Raised Bed is suitable for the garden, backyard, balcony, and other places to grow vegetables, fruits, herbs, succulents, etc.


Our Green Metal Raised Bed is an open-bottom design, Don’t limit your plant’s growth potential or risk exposing them to root rot. your crops will never get waterlogged. Plus, their roots won’t be unnecessarily constrained, allowing for Maximum Growth Potential.


Key Features: 

  • Garden Bed features quick and easy assembly.
  • Holds much soil.
  • Enough for all of your vegetables, flowers, etc.
  • Strong as well as lightweight. 
  • Suitable for the garden, backyard, and balcony.
  • An open-bottom design.