Outdoor Plastic Rug


Garden Patio Area Mat Use indoor or outdoor, Reversible mats are designed to be versatile whether it’s used on your patio, by the pool, picnics, or in your laundry room. With their lightweight and foldable features, these Plastic Rugs are easy to move around furniture and transport.


These Indoor-Outdoor mats are made with virgin polypropylene built with a woven structure designed to be quick and easy to dry making them mold and mildew resistant and breathable that will not hurt the grass or damage your deck or Patio.


The Plastic Rug rugs with GoodWeave certification which means our rugs are child-labor-free. Our in-house designed Habitat rugs are stunningly beautiful and Amazingly Durable. These rugs can be used both indoors in high traffic areas and also outside around your patio or garden area. 


Key Features: 

  • Can be used indoors or outdoor.
  • Designed to be versatile whether.
  • With their lightweight and foldable features.
  • Easy to move around furniture and transport.
  • Made with virgin polypropylene.
  • Easy to dry, resistant, and breathable.