LED Indoor Plants Grow Lights

€48,95 €71,95

These  LED Grow Lights are lightweight and easy to use with the upgraded hanging brackets; the system can be built in perfect sturdy condition within one minute. A built-in 59’’ power cord could stand another two feet in length and make your Indoor Plants happy.


ABS plastic material moulding hydroponic Grow Lights panel, excellent Heat control, run calm and quiet, no harm to your plants. The square shape design maximizes the beam to cover 3ft by 3ft area of  LED Plants Lights, recommended to hang at around 6-10 inches for the seedling. 


Plants Grow fuller with stronger and straight stems with these led grow light bulbs. Most of the seeds are germinated and sprouting in 2 weeks. This LED light is low power consumption saves your electric bill; two-pack designs are valued for the dollar.



Key Features: 

  • Suitable for seeding, germination
  • vegetative & flowering
  • ABS plastic material moulding hydroponic 
  • Square shape design, Easy setup
  • Easier to assemble
  • The number of red light beads: 165.