Intelligent Heating Air Pressure Knee Massager


This product is designed in accordance with ergonomics and physical massage techniques, through air pressure massage, vibrating ball massage, intelligent control of constant temperature hot compress, and combined with visible red light with a wavelength of 600-700nm, it can better promote blood circulation and relieve joint discomfort.

Five effects in one

  • Give comprehensive care to your knees
  • Air pressure kneading and vibration massage alternately, bid farewell to a single massage
  • Method, accompanied by constant temperature thermal moxibustion,
  • with red light irradiation and magnet assistance,
  • Soothes knee fatigue

Multi-frequency vibration massage: The dual motors have high frequency and low-intensity vibration without hurting the knees. Simulate three kinds of massage techniques, deeply massage the important parts of the knee joint, Relax the stiff muscles and joints to get rid of soreness.

Three-level Thermal Energy Conservation: It uses far-infrared carbon fiber heating technology; the heat energy penetrates the knee through the knee joint, accelerates blood circulation, and refuses the warmth of old cold legs to reach the whole body. (41°low temperature|45°medium temperature|48°high temperature)

8 Far-infrared Lights Go Deep Into The Knee Pads: Visible red light with a high power density of 630-650nm can penetrate deep into the subcutaneous tissue 10-15mm, produce photochemical effects, and enhance the vitality of the knee joint.

One Machine For Multiple Uses: Care is more than the knee. It can be used on knee joints, shoulders, elbows.

Battery: 3.7V DC 3000mAh
Pressure Strength: 200mmHg
Charging time: 3-4 hours
Use time: 45 days (20 minutes of use per day)
Net Weight : 750g


Package Included:

1x Intelligent Air Pressure Knee Massager