Lightweight Foldable Walker


The aluminium foldable walker provides mobility and comfortable walking assistance for individuals with an active lifestyle. The lightweight, durable, aluminium frame with a narrow front is perfect for maneuvering around your home and tight cornerstones. The unique design allows you to easily move around indoors and outdoors.


The trio rolling walker is a convenient mobility solution, and it's featuring locking hand brakes and an oversized vinyl pouch to store your personal items. The durable and lightweight aluminium frame easily collapses by pulling the folding hinge and from there can be stored in a car trunk. 


Our 3-wheel lightweight walker is solidly constructed with aluminium, becoming the perfect gift for the elderly and people undergoing rehabilitation for helping them walk safely. In addition, the rollator walker is equipped with adjustable handles for six different heights, allowing people at different heights to get a comfortable experience.



  • Ideal size for manoeuvring in and around the house
  • Additional storage bag with pockets for personal items
  • The bag has pockets specifically designed for your ID card and cell phone
  • Trio walker collapses easily for storage and transportation
  • Accommodates users of many sizes
  • The Unique design allows you to easily move around indoors and outdoors
  • Durable but lightweight aluminium frame