Neck fan Bladeless Lazy Neck Hanging Cooler

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This product has a unique structure and novel style of Intelligent control, complete functions, simple operation, stable performance, and safe to use

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 Simple and generous appearance, firm structure, small size, lightweight, and easy to carry. It is a companion for travel and outdoor sports. 3 wind speeds: three gears, adjustable, first gear breeze, second gear natural wind, third gear strong wind

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Material: ABS+TPR

Output power: 4.5W

Input current: DC 0.5A /1A

Output voltage: DC5V-9V

Input voltage: DC5V

4000mAh working time: about 6 hours (1 level) about 5 hours (2 levels) about 4 hours (3 levels)

Power supply mode: battery storage (a lithium battery), USB power supply