Neck stretches device


Get the benefit of having a relaxing and pain-free living without needing to go to a Spa for neck massages. Now you can indulge with the feeling of comfort and ease in every movement of your neck at a fraction of a cost.

neck stretches
  • It has a heat therapy mechanism that will stimulate your neck nerve tissues to release all the pressures that are hurting your being.
  • With the magneto-optical effect that goes deeper into your bones for a more effective heat therapy absorption.
  • Engineered with the latest technology for automatic providing of comfort.
  • Has air pressure traction that will give you the best massages.
  • Can fit all head types for maximum comfort and for everyone’s use       
  • Has electrode pads that you can connect to your skin to relieve all sorts of pain.

• 12- Level frequency you can choose from in relieving your muscle pains.
• Three safety options for more peace of mind when using even for long periods of time.
• Relieves neck pains neckbone tension, stiff neck, spinal pressure, and disc misalignment.
• Will loosen stiff muscles, pinched nerves, spasm pains, and fatigue. You don’t need to go to the nearest Spa anymore. You can relax at home.

neck stretches