Blackhead remover nose



If you've ever had those irritating blackheads, you know how ugly they look and make you feel. Not only do they make your skin saggy and wrinkly, but they also make your skin look dirty. With our powerful blackhead-removing vacuum specifically designed for pores on the skin, you don't have to worry about that anymore! 

blackhead removal

  • Deep Cleaning- Removes blackheads, oils, and grease with its powerful vacuum suction
  • Pore Removal - Exfoliates and re-surfaces the skin to promote skin health & facial renewal. 
  • Painless and Effective-A powerful vacuum that works great without you batting an eye!
  • Wireless-No pesky cords or wires will get in your way, allowing for unrivaled maneuverability around your face
  • Suitable for all Skin Types 

 Do your Skin and yourself a favor and use our pore Blackhead vacuum tool to take away the stress your skin has to deal with. Let it do what it's best at by rendering your skin shining and bright with confidence.

You deserve an essential facial cleanser that can provide you with the healthy skin you need. Feel and look young again naturally without any extra additions to your life with our blackhead remover tool!


  • Apply it to your hand to test the suctioning.
  • Cleanse your skin with a hot towel to open up all the pores. Always start with the lowest intensity of suction.
  • Hold and move it in one direction; 5-10 mins Max per treatment
  • DO NOT keep or staying the nozzle on the skin, just move it around gently. Note!  It is completely normal to have slight redness after treatment.
  • After the treatment, use the facial toning mask or cold water to calm the skin close the pores. 


 Best results are achieved following the instructions using a hot wet towel over the treatment area in order to open the pores first.