Electric Drill Bracket 400mm Drilling Holder

Type: Electric Holder


Electric Drill Bracket Stand is ideal for holding your drill steady during use and allows for much more accurate drilling than hand-held operation.


  • Made of Aluminum alloy material, solid and durable.
  • Range scale 60mm, humanized design, provide a reference operation and more accurate.
  • For the plastic fixing cover, the adjustable range of the holder chuck is 38-42mm. If the electric drill is loose, you can sheathe the plastic cover to fix it.
  • Aluminum alloy material, design expansion groove in the ground, which can be mounted vice as mold.
  • The utility model can be used for an electric drill bracket.



Material: Aluminium Alloy
Max. chuck diameter: 42mm
Max. drilling depth: 60mm
Column height: 400mm
Drill boss diameter: 38-42mm
Shaft diameter: 25mm
Drilling depth: Max. 60mm
Application: Holding Electric Drill