Solar Powered Garden Lights Garden Pathway


Garden Pathway Lawn Lamp Outdoor Solar Lamps here have a unique, house design that offers a great amount of style for your landscape. Great for your garden, yard, flower bed, terrace, walkway, driveway, or anywhere else, they are sure to light up your space. You need outdoor solar lights that are high quality and built to last and that’s exactly what these are.

solar garden lights

Garden Pathway Lawn Lamp Outdoor Solar Lamps are powered by the sun. They automatically charge during the day, over a period of 6-8 hours. Then, they turn on automatically at night, providing you with 8-10 hours of lighting. Perfect Outdoor Decoration.

solar garden lights

Key Features:

  • The new fashion design.
  • Exquisite decorative atmosphere.
  • Add a Romantic and warm mood.
  • Energy Saving.
  • Standard Grow Bulb.


  • The luxuriously lovely Abbas - Moroccan Outdoor Solar Lamps will cast a soft and mood-enhancing glow in your pathway, deck, patio, garden, or driveway.
  • Intricate patterns; creating magical and ambient lighting.
  • Collects solar energy all day, then turns on automatically at dusk.
  • Energy-saving solar technology - runs on solar power and can be placed in any outdoor setting!
  • Weatherproof resistant, waterproof and durable, withstands all kinds of weather.
  • Simply install and enjoy the ambient lighting.b
  • Made from eco-friendly ABS plastic.
  • Measures approximately 11" x 2"