Hanging Cat Perch Windowsill Kitten House


The Kitten House includes a removable cushion that is made of soft flannel, making it the perfect resting area for your furry friends. Open-designed condo, which makes them won’t feel congested while sleeping. Hung on the fireplace fence, then your pet can enjoy the warm air in winter.


A perfect gift for cats who like to sleep, be quiet, and move hanging cat perch. The hanging design satisfies your pet's nature to jump high. Hung on the window sill, kittens can enjoy the view from the window. Includes a soft cushion, allowing cats to sleep more comfortably.



  • A modern and concise style for cats.
  • Hanging design satisfies their desire to high.
  • A soft flannel pad makes your cat get better rest.
  • An adjustable hook is suitable for different size platforms.
  • Comfortable for the weight of a cat under 4 kg.


  • Colour: Dark grey, White
  • Material: Metal, Linen type cloth, Flannel
  • Overall Dimensions: 48 cm(L) x 35 cm(W) x 35 cm(H)
  • Internal Dimensions: 40 cm(L) x 35 cm(W) x 35 cm(H) 
  • Cushions, Dimensions: 32L x 24W
  • Front Door Size: 32 cm
  • Back Door Size: 19 cm