Portable Air Cooler Conditioner and Purifier

A Portable Air Cooler with Built-in Multi-Layer Air Filtration  Cools humidifies and purifies.  The airs 3 cooling speeds (High, low and medium) 
An air purifier removes gases, pollutants and allergens delivering a cooling, purified airflow to your room.
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A Professional plant fibre ice curtain expels dust, granules, toxins and chemicals providing PM2.5 level filtration. The filters do not need changing, you simply wash them under the tap, leave them to dry and re-insert them back into the machine.

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 A large 5 Litre Tank Capacity with two 1L ice blocks (5 Litres includes the two ice packs) cools the air for longer with less water - cools 200 cubic metres per hour.  Timer Function up to 0.5 - 7.5 hours.  It comes with a Remote Control allowing you to change the speed, swings control, timer, cool mode, turning the unit on and off and wind level.
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3 Wind Modes: Natural, normal and sleeping mode. 
The natural mode removes impurities from the air and purifies the air so it's natural like the way it's meant to be naturally.  Normal mode provides extreme cooling by expelling air with fewer levels of filtration but cools the air much quicker, ideal for low dust environments.  
Sleeping mode reduces the noise level so it works silently in the background whilst you're sleeping. 
Automatic left-right swing, manual adjustment for up-down wind direction depending (we recommend keeping them horizontal) 
Includes two ice packs to provide you with ultra cool air. It's the ice packs which provide the "air conditioner" type of cool air, so it's important that the ice packs are fully frozen and you add ice cold water into the tank for maximum effectiveness 
 Innovative cooling cools your whole room using an advanced water pump sprinkling cycling system Ideal for Home or Offices.               
Comes with its own set of wheels, so the air cooling unit can be moved around a room or from room to room with ease. 
Unlike air conditioning units, this does not require any plumbing or pipes, simply plug it in and you're ready to go.
Approx Dimensions : (H) 55cm x (W) 25cm x (D) 29cm
Weighs 5.8kg