Tree Brunch Pruner Garden Tools



Our Tree Branch Pruner is great for pruning thick and thin tree branches, the efficient ratchet lopper action reduces effort by allowing cuts in several pressure-increasing steps rather than one. Gives you more cutting power so you use less energy with each squeeze. The blades and rubberized grips are super easy to clean.


This Anvil Looper Telescopic Pruner is a sharp heated treated & hardened sk5 carbon steel top blade is larger to cope with slicing through thicker branches with ease. This lopper powers effortlessly through 1 3/4" diameter thick branches with a quick chop. The pruning loppers' specially designed handle is ergonomic.


The end of the handle of Tree Brunch Pruner has a non-slip silicone casing, which makes your hand work more comfortable and has a stronger grip. This Telescopic Tree Brunch Pruner can be stored easily and safely.



Key Features:

  • It gives you more cutting power.
  • Hardened carbon steel blades, chrome-plated for rust resistance.
  • The blades and rubberized grips are super easy to clean.
  • It has a stronger grip.
  • They store easily and safely.