Electric Cordless Drill Aluminum Adapter Rivet Gun


Riveros is a crafty attachment tool for electric dills that makes the riveting work faster and easier! Use it to clamp seamlessly and make any assembly process a breeze!

Rivios comes with four changeable nozzle bolts and a portable wrench, which helps you assemble everything as a unit for convenient and quick riveting solutions.

Sheet metal work, gutters, and door repairs are now easier to do with less effort on your side. Rivet with more efficiency, speed, and stability to make easy work of your DIY projects!

This Electric Rivet Gun is fully metal forged and has high working strength. The alloy steel forged gun head has high hardness and durability, saving time and effort. Not easy to slip back nails, fast speed and high efficiency, design of three-claw nail anastomosis for 360-degree scratch nail, riveting smooth without burrs, three-piece structure are not easy to get stuck.

The  Electric Rivet Nut Gun Adapter more labor-saving than manual and more convenient than pneumatic. It is a good helper for your home and work. The handle is made of hard plastic with anti-slip lines, which is not easy to slip with a vertical grip. The three-claw clamp with hardening and quenching treatment is more wear-resistant and durable, and the service life of the transfer joint is prolonged.

Our  Electric Cordless Drill Rivet Gun Adapter is hard metal forged, the center part and head are made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which increases service life, strength, and efficiency. When the rivet snaps, pop the drill into the positive rotation, easily drops out the rivet after pulling it out by reversing the drill. Snap your drill back into forward, load another rivet & just keep repeating. Make sure the rivet is incorrectly and does not change to an angle.

Key Features:

  • Does the job quick - Everything you need to do assembling your riveting projects is a breezy process you will find in Rivios!

    Adapts to the situation - Easily clamp nozzles of various sizes with efficiency, power, and precision to do the job professionally!

    Seamless installations- The hardened adapter allows you to drill with stability and ease using all types of electric drills to make rivet installations seamless!

    Rivios is the ultimate choice- Rivios makes the riveting process more stable, efficient, and quicker for all your DYI needs!


  • Use: Home DIY
  • Power type: Electric rivet guns
  • Riveter gun type: Rivet nut pistols
  • Nozzle Diameter: 2mm-4.8mm
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Suitable for: Cordless Drill, Electric Screwdriver
  • Feature: a free auxiliary handle
  • Weight: 450g
  • SURNAME: Riveter adapter
  • Riveting Adapter: for a cordless drill, a screwdriver
  • Diameter: 6mm
Package Included:
1 Set Of Riveting Tool Drill Adapter
(This product does not include an electric drill.)