Baby high chair Adjustable feeding chair

Type: Baby high chair

 Convertible 2-in-1 design - the high chair can be freely switched between the high chair and the low chair; the pedal and dinner can also be adjusted in two positions, aiming at improving the comfortable sitting experience of different children (2-in-1 design can pay attention to the changes of your children when they grow up)

Baby high chair

Stable structure with trapezoidal base - our advanced chair has a trapezoidal structure, high weight, and ensures stability in the process of use; the foot does not slide, preventing the armchair from sliding and scratching the floor

Baby high chair

 Wide range of applications - this baby chair is elegant and simple and can be suitable for various home decoration styles

This is not only a dining chair for children but also allows children to read and play in it. It is a perfect gift for children who will accompany you from 6 months to 3 years old

Baby high chair

 Safe and high-quality materials - the chair is made of high-quality beech wood, smooth PP material, and PU leather cushion. These functions make our chair sustainable. It has passed en14988 certification, non-toxic and safe to use

Easy to assemble and clean - through detailed instructions, the installation process is fast and convenient, the cushion is located in PU leather, easy to clean, just need to wipe

Baby high chair

Product features:

1. Lactation period: (dining chair mode) can let the baby learn to eat and develop good habits; exploration period: (play mode) sofa, bedside parent-child interaction, baby happy to play; growth period: (chair mode) convenient for the baby to learn and read

2. The new anti-skid function is added to the sole of the table and chair, so the baby is not afraid to move. The baby sits like a mountain, and the four sides of the triangle structure ensure the stability of the center of gravity

3. The leg is made of hard and compressive beech wood, good hardness brings excellent load-bearing performance

4. The second gear adjustment can greatly increase the space. It can be adjusted according to the baby's body shape and can be disassembled

5. The back cushion is soft and comfortable. It can be disassembled and scrubbed. It is waterproof and antifouling. It can be cleaned as soon as it is wiped. It is not afraid of the baby's soiling

6. This kind of back cushion has smooth and round edges, fine workmanship, and refuses to scratch so that the baby can avoid collision and injury

7. The five-point safety belt can prevent the baby from falling out, which can make the mother feel more at ease; the PP plate is safe and carefree

high chair


Material: high quality beech feet + PP seat + PU leather cushion

Dimensions: 57 x 57 x 83 cm (L x W x H)

Height of short chair: 60cm

Tray size: 42 x 30 cm (L x W)

Weight: 5.8kg

Baby's maximum load: 15kg

Note: adult supervision must be provided at all times.

Package Included:

Delivery: 1 x baby chair, user manual