Green Metal Fuel Storage Petrol

£112.00 £134.00

Green metal fuel is very important for you to start the car. So a high-quality fuel oil petrol diesel storage can is also necessary for you to store oil. In the hydraulic system, it not only plays as a fuel can but also can heat dissipation, separate bubbles, and precipitation in the oil.


This fuel can is constructed with a premium cold rolled steel body and neat welded seal seams, which ensure its good durability and reliability. The gas can come with 3 handles and can be held by two persons to save labour when you lift the tank. Perfect for the rugged off-road as the emergency backup cans


Metal fuel storage is made of premium steel material, leakproof, safety lock on the spout and anti-corrosive coating on the inside and outside. Provide you with security assurance for EPA and CARB Approved. This fuel tank can be equipped for all automobiles, ships, holding, or fuel.



  • Easy to carry by one person or two persons
  • Portable and convenient to use
  • With 3 handles to largely save labour
  • Built-in pipeline with excellent leakproof
  • Anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti-static
  • It cannot be used for containing water, or it will be rusted very soon