Dog Car Seat Carrier Travel Booster Seat

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The Brown Pet Car Carrier is a perfect solution for carrying and travelling with your small dogs, puppies, cats or other small animals. It helps protect your car's interior as well as keep both you and your pets safe when travelling. The Brown Pet Car Carrier has a smaller interior clip that can be attached to your dog collar which reduces the risk of your four-legged pal jumping about and interfering with the drive.

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You can feel confident that your pet will remain secure and comfortable with our pet car carrier. This pet car carrier is the perfect addition to any pet lover's kit allowing your pet to feel secure when travelling. It is also collapsible so it is easy to store when not in use.

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The Pet Car Carrier is ideal for keeping your pet safe and comfortable while going on those rough trips. It had a strong base so you pet can be placed securely on the car seat without risk of damage to your car interior or risk of injury to your or furred friend. You can be confident that your pet will be safe in our pet carrier as it contained an interior strap that can be easily hooked to your dogs collar reducing the risk of them jumping out. Also, it holds mess like loose fur and dirt from muddy paws and scratches keeping your car clean and tidy. Made for those walks in the park, holidays or the muddy days of hiking and going to the beach!

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This Pet Car Carrier is designed with your pet in mind. It is large enough to comfortably hold your small dog, cat or other small pets giving them plenty of space to curl up while still keeping them secure and contained. Each side has a mesh panel so that your pet can feel comfortable on those long journeys or trips to the vet. The carrier's roof can be unzipped to allow your dog to stay in the seat while still allowing them to enjoy the view, or it can be zipped shut to keep your pet secure. This makes them perfect for anyone who loves travelling with their pets. These multi-function features are great for taking your pawsome pal from the car to your destination; simply zip shut to stop your pet from jumping out - easy to use and with no need to transfer them to a different carrier!

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Pet Car Carrier - Brown Specifications

  • Mesh Panels
  • Interior Collar Clip
  • Can be zipped for comfort and security or unzipped to allow pet to look out
  • Easy to store
  • Dimensions: 42cm x 37cm x 34cm