Stainless Still Double Kitchen Sink

£278.99 £321.00


The Double Kitchen Sink with proven quality and dependability; made with a heavy-duty, Spacious right-hand drainer is angled to help drain away suds and water. Double Kitchen Sink has two stainless steel drain assemblies with two removable basket strainers to prevent food and debris from clogging the drain pipes.


Our Double Kitchen Sink's resilient and easy-to-clean commercial-grade satin finish resists corrosion and rust and matches most kitchen appliances. Noise Defend soundproofing technology features extra-thick pads covering over 80% of the Kitchen Sink and non-toxic undercoating for added insulation.


This Kitchen Sink has protective stainless steel bottom grids, a premium 3-piece basket strainer set, drain assembly with strainer, Kraus kitchen towel, cut out. The Kitchen Sink deep bowl with flat bottom prevents glassware from tipping and offers ample capacity for stacking dishes.

Key Features:

  • Double Stainless Still Kitchen Sink.
  • Made with heavy-duty,
  • Two stainless steel drain assemblies.
  • With two removable basket strainers.
  • Easy-to-clean.
  • Noise Defend soundproofing technology features.
  • Extra-thick pads covering over.