Car Seat Pillow Back Support Waist Cushion

The Car Seat Lumbar Pillow high-quality space, memory foam core absorbs the stress from long sitting, relieving the wasit pressure. Zipper design, removable breathable cover, easy clean. Curve design, the two sides are thicker than the middle, so that it can embrace the muscles of the side effects.
seat cushion

Back Support Waist Cushion ergonomically designed to better conform to the human spine curve and correct sitting posture, do good to health. Not only support the lower back, but it is also high enough 43cm for the high backrest. It does very well to lower back pain people. 
seat cushionCar Seat Pillow easy installation. just lean against the car seat or chair directly. Suitable for car seats as used when driving or traveling, office chairs as work. A great gift to your parents or friend who usually drive a car and have some cervical spine pain.

seat cushion

Key Features:

  • Easy to clean installation
  • Fit othopedic curve deisgn
  • High-quality space memory foam core
  • Zipper design, removable breathable cover
  • An ergonomic neck pillow perfect fit cervical curvature
  • Better relieve the pressure off your waist and cervical spine.
  • The half-circle on the bottom can conducive to air circulation