Electric Head Neck Massager Far Infrared Heating Vibration

This Electric Head Massager is equipped with a music player that enables you to listen to your favorite songs while having a massage.
It has an adjustable size function that adjusts according to your head circumference.
It comes with a remote control that projects 3 massage modes namely vibration massage, air pressure massage, and far-infrared heat massage.
This is an easy and safe device and you can use it at home, in your office, or even when you are traveling.

 What does it accomplish for you? FIGHT INSOMNIA BY PROMOTING BETTER SLEEP.

The vigorous and efficient massage motions put the body in a deep state of relaxation.

massage scalp
  • Deep Massage from an Air Pressure Massage mode. It has 4 intensity settings and massages your head by inflating and deflating the built-in air cushions.
  • Hot Compress Massage mode with 2 heat options. It is the most enjoyable feature
  • Vibration Massage with 10 patterns. The smallest intensity will barely caress your muscles, while the strongest one will shake your whole head. You can choose and adjust the vibration intensity with a simple push of the button, and you can pair it with other programs as well.
  • Listen to some Relaxing Music during your massage with built-in speakers or headphones (included). One option is specially designed to alleviate mental and physical pain, one is designed to produce gentle environmental sounds, and the last one produces natural sounds.
massage scalp


Anyone who’s ever had a hairstylist massage their scalp knows that it’s remarkably relaxing to have the nerves on the skin’s surface stimulated with gentle pressure. 

Our head massage will provide you with an instant and regular self-served massage relaxation from anywhere & anytime.

massage scalp


The meridians begin at your fingertips, connect to your brain and then connect to an organ associated with a certain meridian. According to this theory, when one of the meridians is blocked out or goes out of balance, illness can occur. Acupressure and acupuncture can help to restore balance in such a case.


massage scalp
  • Sleep Disorder or Insomnia - You may feel unable to get to sleep or sleep well at night, wake up feeling exhausted, or being sleepy during the day.
  • Headaches - They can be a sign of stress or emotional distress, or they can result from a medical disorder, such as migraine or high blood pressure, anxiety, or depression. People with chronic migraine headaches may find it hard to attend work and achieve daily tasks properly.
  • Stress - Very often, stress arises from frustration, life changes, conflict, lack of control, and uncertainty.
  • Hair Loss - When waking up in the morning, there may be an unusually large amount of hair on your pillow or when you comb your hair. This can be the cause of many factors, including stress, poor diet, hormones, genetics, medication, pregnancy...